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2526 University Boulevard West, Wheaton MD 20902

Various Events iHop Wheaton Supports

William Moore, Owner Operator and other MUM volunteer at the Taste of Wheaton.

Susie Pancake greets children at the Kensington Labor Day Parade.

Chocolate Chip Charlie shakes hands with the children along the parade route at the Kensington Labor Day Parade

Susie Pancake and other staff at the Taste of Wheaton.

Helping Out in Wheaton

Supporting the Community

Making a Difference

iHop Wheaton is an active member of the community we serve. Local events include the Taste of Wheaton and the Kensington Labor Day Parade. In 2014 Susie Pancake made her debut appearance and was much appreciated by both young and old attendees (thanks to the brave employee bringing Susie Pancake to life.) On the march through Kensington, Susie was accompanied by members of the Wheaton-iHop team and members of the Wheaton&Kensington Chamber of Commerce. At the Taste of Wheaton fun food is served including cotton candy! Susie's friend Chocolate Chip Charlie joined the team at iHop Wheaton in 2018. Is romance in the air? We will keep you posted and we hope you enjoy meeting our duo at the various community events we attend.

William Moore is active in many civic ventures including the Wheaton-Kensington Chamber of Commerce, and is the current President attending hearings and working to keep the business and residential community informed about the many changes taking place and being active in helping influence those decisions. In 2013 William Moore was awarded The Chamber Member of the Year Award.

Also an active board member of MUM (Mid-County United Ministries) which helps people in crisis in the Wheaton, Kensington, and Aspen Hill communities with food, medicine, eviction prevention and utilities, emphasizing client choice, problem-solving and self- sufficiency. He and his staff march in support of MUM during their annual Walk for Hunger Awareness.

As an active member on the Wheaton Urban District Advisory Committee (WUDAC)* he works to improve the Wheaton Business District and has headed several walk-abouts to gain citizen and business input on how to improve the area. His own business— iHop has gone to great lengths to have a garden enhancing the front of the restaurant meeting the many challenges this presents in an urban environment. In 2014 iHop Wheaton was honored by the Wheaton Urban District for the Best Property Improvement.

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